Mounted Ministries

A 501(c)3 Christian non profit rescue, horseback riding, training, and equine assisted activities ministry. We foster spiritual growth and personal achievement by providing challenging, Christ Centered Riding® activities.

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Christ Centered Riding®

Christ-Centered Riding® is the part of Mounted Ministries® wherein we seek to minister the word of God to the world around us through equestrian missions. We travel with horses to the following:

* Orphanage, Foster and Group Homes
* Schools
* Churches
* Inner-Cities
* Trail Rides
* Ride-a-Thons
* Special Events at YOUR barn

“We can all learn something from what the language of the horse has to say, if we will just be still and listen.” ~Cathy Childers

If you know someone interested in hearing God’s word taught through the language of a horse, please contact us at (864) 752-5142 or email us at

Happy Trails!

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