Mounted Ministries

A 501(c)3 Christian non profit rescue, horseback riding, training, and equine assisted activities ministry. We foster spiritual growth and personal achievement by providing challenging, Christ Centered Riding® activities.

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Christians are commanded to “go out into all the world and make disiples.”  Cathy Childers along with Mounted Ministries’ volunteers accomplish this through ministerial services, namely, organizing and operating religious outreach programs using horses. We teach Christian and family values through our Christ-Centered Riding® programs. Programs include horseback riding lessons, summer horse camp, Cowgirls for Christ, community outreach, behavior training, “The Pony Express” (visits to local orphanages), “Outside Our Walls” (group homes ),”The Role of a Servants Heart” (youth groups ), schools, special events and more. 

Thank you for your interest in our equestrian ministries. We are extremely blessed to have such a supportive community. If you or someone you know is interested in horses and would like to volunteer, learn more about horses, or would like to become a sponsor, please have them contact (864) 752-5142 for more information.   

Many Blessings and Happy Trails,
Mounted Ministries Team

2 Responses to “Ministry”

  1. Christine Blaha says:

    We are foster parents, and have a group of 6 children. Most of our kids have never met a horse and have no idea about anything to do with them. We are wondering if you had a time where families could just come out and meet your horses. I am not sure they could do riding yet.

    • admin says:

      We would most certainly welcome you and your family. PLEASE CALL and we can schedule a time when you can visit.

      I am looking forward to meeting you.

      God bless you for all you do!

      ~Happy Trails