Meet The Redeemed


Harley is definitely Mounted Ministries "poster child." Found as just skin and bones, he is now a exuberant display of what it truly means to be redeemed.


Cloud once ran free in the wilds of the mid-west. He is an actual Mustang, and he is also the oldest member of our herd! He's your go to boy for all beginners and trust building situations.


These two tiny souls were found in some of the worst conditions to date, but they now spend their time devoted to the tiny people in your lives.

Cricket & Peanut

Zoey was actually pasture mates with Cloud and Oreo. The trio was graciously donated to Mounted Ministries! Their previous family still checks on them and follows us on Facebook!


Oreo came to Mounted Ministries with professional training, but as you can see, she would much rather be on a trail ride which promises a water feature!


Asa, meaning "healer," is our home grow Quarter Horse gelding.  This prankster loves to lead the heard. His mischievous ways include removing fly masks from the other horses.


Hope for Harley

On May 10, 2011, Cathy Childers, Founder of Mounted Ministries, took in a rescue horse by the name of Harley.  At just 6 years old, Harley, had felt hopelessness first hand.  These pictures are living proof of God's goodness.  Just 4 months went by, and Harley is a new horse and has led quite the career.  Thank you for the love and generous support of those who have partnered along side Mounted Ministries.  There is "hope for Harley," and many others in similar situations.

Adoption Candidates

Below is a downloadable version of  the Mounted Ministries Adoption Contract. Before you can obtain information on adoptable horses, you must first qualify to adopt. Please print, fill in completely, and mail to Mounted Ministries at the address below. We will reach out to you once your application has been received. 

Mounted Ministries
PO Box 71
Pickens, SC 2967

Files coming soon.